I am a Photographer/Content Creator and Social Media Marketing Expert specialised in working with brands in the lifestyle, travel/ hospitality and fashion sector, agencies and travel destinations. My aim is to create authentic, engaging and creative content/ campaigns helping brands deliver their story through various social media platforms in order to increase brand awareness and sales. I believe Social Media is more than just a channel. It is an opportunity to create relevant conversations and effective business. It helps brands get closer to their target audience and create a sense of being “real” rather than just a company name and logo.

I am an idea person. Always trying to be a step ahead and solving the next problem. Having lived and worked in over 7 countries for various companies and Start Ups I have learned to be adaptable and embrace change and innovation. My biggest enemy is monotony and routine.

The majority of my experience falls under business development, sales, account management and communication. I love selling ideas and if I think something is good, I will enthusiastically attempt to convince others that it is too.


Photographer // Social Media Consultant // Travel Enthusiast



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